​​​​#23 (about US visa🇺🇸)

If you don’t have a US visa, feel free to make it in Canada. Chronologically it looks like this:

- May 4th applied. Filled electronically DS-160 form and paid the $160 fee.

- May 6th booked an appointment for interview with consular. Could not do it at the same day, as there weren’t free slots.

- May 14th passed interview. I was asked about my business, degree, previous trips and why I moved to Canada.

- May 15th I received a message from Canada Post that my passport is delivered and ready to pick up.

- May 16th I saw my B1/B2 visa for the next 10 years😀.

Honestly, it was the easiest visa process I faced with ever. For visa I needed only DS-160 confirmation page, photo, PR card (other prof of legal status in CA), employment letter and that’s it. Good luck 🍀

May 17, 2019
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