Renew Earth Open Studio

How can we turn fashion waste into something useful again?

Nothing like collective patchwork to start thinking about ‘fixing and patching mother earth’! Pop by to learn about our project, help recycling, craft Jam, adopt some pre-loved clothes and have engaging conversations on the topic of fashion waste.

🔴 Till 21 Aug, Thu - Sun

🔵 2-6pm

⚪️ Tekka Place, 2 Serangoon Rd, S218227, #02-36

👉 Sign up here:

Organised by Post-Museum

#fashion #sustainability #workshop

August 15, 2022
shi jie ☁️ 
can i check if the entire duration of the workshop is 2-6pm?◡̈
hilda 🌾 
hi! 2-6pm are the studio’s opening hours, you don’t need to stay for the whole duration
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